Customer Reviews

Best SalesMan goes to Patrick Lucas!!!!

Aug 14, 2014 Esmeralda Lopez Ochoa via

Best SalesMan goes to Patrick Lucas!!!!

Norm Reeves Honda In West Covina helped me

Aug 13, 2014 Jan Michael Uson via

Norm Reeves Honda In West Covina helped me, my wife and my sister with open arms. I have been a customer with them for many many years. I give thanks to Patrick and George who made me and the rest of my family happy!!! I will definitely recommend family, friends and even strangers to you guys LOL!!! Great work guys!!!!!

If you're looking for a Wonderful, Awesome Honda Salesman

Aug 12, 2014 Breanna Lerma via

If you're looking for a Wonderful, Awesome Honda Salesman PLEASE Come and see Patrick Lucas. He was by far the best Salesman I have ever done business with. He truly helped me out to the extreme and had me walk away in the car I truly wanted! Norm Reeves is the place to come!!

We met with Robert Chavez

Aug 08, 2014 Saksan Dacharux via

We met with Robert Chavez to lease our new Honda. Robert is very knowledgeable; treated us with respect and never once push us to purchase or lease...

My experience with Norm Reeves Honda

Aug 06, 2014 Marghot Gutierrez via

My experience with Norm Reeves Honda in West Covina, was a pleasant experience. I had the pleasure of meeting two amazing workers who helped me get the car I wanted within my price range. Thanks to ALFONSO DAVILA who kept in touch with me while I was in the process of selling my car so I can put a down payment. He was really sweet and very welcoming, willing to tell you the truth within which car better suits a person. Since I am a college student and need a reliable car that is really good on gas, he directed me tot he Honda civic. Which is super great on gas. Unfortunately Alfonso was not able to come in on his day off to help me seal the deal on my car. Alfonso made sure I was well taken care of, and paired me up with PATRICK LUCAS. Who was more than glad to asset me on sealing the deal with Honda. He was very sweet and kind. My grandma loved him. He made sure I was getting the car I wanted and exceeded my expectation on what customer service truly is. Patrick made a sweet deal that I couldn't resist. Both Alfonso and Patrick where amazing. My Honda has exceeded my expectation on how I wanted my car. Thanks Honda Dealers (Alfonso and Patrick ) for helping me out. With lots of love Marghot.

Just amazing

Aug 01, 2014 Jordann Brun via

Just amazing. I really loved everyone at Norm Reeves! Everyone was so nice and polite, especially Patrick Lucas! I was really nervous buying my first car, but he really walked me through the whole process. I felt really comfortable and confident when we were finished with everything. I would definitely suggest everyone I know to go buy either a used or even NEW car at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in West Covina, CA and deal with Patrick! My whole experience was one in a million thanks to him!! c:

The staff at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore

Aug 01, 2014 Jeanie Beanie via

The staff at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in West Covina were absolutely phenomenal!! We were greeted and helped by Patrick Lucas. He was just so amazing, omg. He really narrowed down what we were looking for, and did it in our price range. We didn't, at any time in the day, feel overwhelmed or pressured to buy a car. He was with us 100%!!! It was the best customer service we have ever experienced!

My experience was great

Aug 01, 2014 MARICELA ZAVALA via

My experience was great. As soon as I saw Patrick he transmitted this positive vibe he sure knows how to treat a customer he was very attentive and helpful did not feel pressured at all to buy the car. He made us feel like we knew each other forever which was great. I can go on and on with all the positive comments but I got to go back to work....He is just great and his personality is one of a kind super awesome. Would go back Just for him.

I had to finally let go of my junky little car

Jul 31, 2014 Rochelle Alvarez via

I had to finally let go of my junky little car, it was a money pit and it was time for a new one. I'm so glad I was referred here and Mauricio was super, extra helpful! He was not a pushy sales person (which I hate dealing with) and he helped me get the best possible and affordable deal for my budget. I recommend him when visiting this place. High five for Mauricio!! :)

Patrick was the best car sales person I have ever met

Jul 30, 2014 Priscilla M via

Patrick was the best car sales person I have ever met. He was so honest and tried to get me the best deal on my Accord. He did not pressure me into buying the car but instead fully informed me of anything I had questions about. He has such an amazing personality; very funny and easy to talk to. I purchased my brand new Accord from him and he kept in contact with me to make sure that I was 100% happy with my car. He also went above and beyond for me when I realized that finance had made a mistake on my contract. On his day off he made sure the problem got fixed. Patrick is the man to go to if you're looking to buy a car. Call ahead and make sure he's working before you stop in because Patrick is who you want to talk to. His boss (Mr.Jorge Ventura) was also great. Both gentlemen are very understanding and will do their very best to work with you and give you a great deal. I am very content and will be recommending Patrick to all my friends and family that are looking to purchase a Honda.

i can write a whole essay about my experience

Jul 30, 2014 Jan Vincent Adovas via

i can write a whole essay about my experience in Norm Reeves Westcovina but i wont. it started all with Geoff who recommended me to Patrick who i would definitely recommend to my friends and family and to all who are seeking to purchase their car. kudos to patrick for helping me out.. meanwhile the other staff. ehh didnt really interact with them since they too were busy doing their own business. besides having an issue with finance. everything went as it shud. MY 5 STAR GOES OUT TO PATRICK

mauricio is the man when it come to the sales

Jul 28, 2014 Rainier Corrales via

mauricio is the man when it come to the sales. i went to norm reeves because of the service this place give. Look for mauricio if you want to get a good deal. and james from finance is to talk to when you want a discount on warranties. Thanks again Mauricio and James.

As a first time car buyer my experience was great

Jul 26, 2014 Lupita Garcia via

As a first time car buyer my experience was great. My experience was nothing but the best having Mauricio Trelles help me out through out the process. I didn't feel pressured to make any decisions. Mauricio was most helpful giving me all the information of the vehicle. And he answered all of my questions and he was very patient. He made me feel comfortable making this purchase. I recommend Norms Reeves Honda West Covina to anyone that is looking to buy a car and wants great service!

Went there yesterday because i need a car

Jul 23, 2014 Ray Chang via

Went there yesterday because i need a car immediately and they helped me to get a Civic in a very reasonable price. The sales person who served me is Patrick Lucas, the most amazing sales person I've ever met. Not like other sales, he does care the customer. You will not be disappointed if you had Patrick to serve you.

Hi, I just want to Thank Norms Reeves Honda Dealer

Jul 23, 2014 Martha Llamas via

Hi, I just want to Thank Norms Reeves Honda Dealer, their staff and especially Patrick Lucas. My experience was a very pleasant one because Patrick guided me with care and patience to purchasing my new 2014 Honda Civic. I never felt rushed even at the last minute getting ready to sign, he patiently waited and provided me his advice. Ask for Patrick, He sincerely looks out for you so you drive away feeling happy and fabulous in your new car. Hugs to you Patrick... and keep up the excellent work because you truly have a gift of treating people like friends. Thank you again ... Martha :)

Went to check out cars and ended up driving

Jul 21, 2014 Anneliese Trujillo via

Went to check out cars and ended up driving away with the one I loved (2014 CR-V)! This was my first time purchasing a car on my own so to say I was nervous is an understatement. However, Ryan Iaea helped me out and he was amazing! He was professional yet completely down to earth which made this first time experience so much easier than I feared it would actually be. He answered every question I had and had no problem explaining anything that didn't make sense (again, 1st time buyer so you can only imagine the amount of questions haha). My mom and I had to have been at this dealership for a solid 2-3 hours trying to get everything taken care of and Ryan totally stuck with us the whole time to make sure we were properly taken care of. His attitude, patience, and willingness to help was definitely appreciated and I've already recommended him to a few people at my job. With his help and Gen (GSM), I scored an amazing deal that was perfect for my budget and a sweet new whip! Definitely recommend this dealership and Ryan for any future purchases.

This is a review for the auto sales staff

Jul 20, 2014 Rudy R. via

This is a review for the auto sales staff that helped wih my wifes new car purchase. We came in looking at used acura t l and.decided to go with a new accord sport...I first came in the morning and the whole way through Robert Chavez salesman was great!!! Very knowledgeable..not pushy...seems honest to me...gave me the deal I was hoping for smooth painless process...only gripe my trade in was under valued to me but I guess this is the norm..The car was priced well so it made up for my trade in expectations..overall I would recommend dealer and especially Robert...Even Ted Finance guy was great and likeable even though I rejected every add on...we will be back..

We bought our new 2014 cr-v

Jul 18, 2014 Betchay C. via

We bought our new 2014 cr-v last Sunday here in West Covina. Eugene Huang was helpful and accommodating. He was very good in explaining to us what we can expect from our new car. He tried his best to help us deal with our request. His very accommodating attitude made us agreed to get the car in this store.. Though we could have dealed a little more lower, however we had a good deal with the tailgate spoiler.... Excellent job for Eugene Huang...

First of all I love this dealership

Jul 17, 2014 Mary G. via

First of all I love this dealership, they worked with me when the ford place down the street couldn't be bothered.. I bought a brand new Odyssey there in 2010...had a repair done today by Chris Koenig who AS USUAL did a stellar job, I have him do all my maintenance and i swear he leaves the van cleaner than when I had it left there...appointment on time, .. Im a happy camper

Spectacular, satisfying, and outstanding

Jul 14, 2014 Vincent Trieu via

Spectacular, satisfying, and outstanding. I went around looking for a dealership that met my specific needs (White 2014 Civic EX) and Norm Reeves Honda provided me with the best service. I would like to thank Guy for being an amazing and professional salesman in our experience. I highly recommend that you request for Guy Gordon.

I had one of the most pleasant sales experiences here

Jul 09, 2014 Evelyn Espinoza via

I had one of the most pleasant sales experiences here. The sales people and staff are helpful and welcoming. After going to three different dealerships (2 other Honda ones and one Toyota), I was dreading finding a new car. Thankfully to the people at Norm Reeves, specifically Ryan Iaea and Oliver Gillen, my experience was a great one. The people at Norm Reeves do their best to work with you and not against you. Both Ryan and Oliver were good-humored and patient. As a first time buyer, I know I got a great finance rate and price for my 2014 Honda Accord. I can say that Ryan did his best in working with my credit score and my budget. Ryan was also super patient with me and my family, and did not pressure me in making a decision (like sales people often do). I was back and forth between the Accord and the Civic. The staff let me take my time test-driving and working with the numbers. They did not become impatient or pressure me (and trust me am incredibly indecisive). This made the difference in walking away from the other dealers, and making the purchase I did with them. The environment here is calm and relaxed, and they even have a kids space for the little ones, which was good for my 3 year old. Because their store didnt have the black ext/int I wanted, Ryan Iaea made sure it was delivered from a sister store. He even threw in a few extras for the car, which was really great. I would recommend shopping here if you are looking to buy a car. I am VERY content with my purchase.

A big THANKS to Richard Yim

Jul 09, 2014 Rachel Santana via

A big THANKS to Richard Yim for making our car purchase a great experience. From the moment we stepped on the lot to the moment we left, he made us feel comfortable and at ease. He was able to get us pretty much what we were looking for with not too much hassle. I will definitely recommend him to all my family and friends who are in the market for a Honda!!

I really appreciate the no-hassleness

Jul 08, 2014 Nympi9731 via

I really appreciate the no-hassleness at this dealership. Guy Gordon was very helpful & even took (a lot of) time to set my the programming in my new Accord. My dad came with me to buy my car & he was also pleasantly surprised because the customer service surpassed our expectations. I have already referred family & friends over to Mr. Gordon!

I purchased a 2014 Honda Accord

Jul 08, 2014 Evelyn E. via

I purchased a 2014 Honda Accord, and I have to say my experience at NORM REEVES was great. I had been to two DIFFERENT Honda dealerships and found the sales people to be unpleasant and dishonest. Ryan Iaea, the sales person, and Oliver Gillen, staff, were both super helpful. I felt comfortable here and I didnt feel pressured into buying. Ryan Iaea was incredibly patient with me, and he made sure I got a great deal. Unlike the other dealerships I went to, this one makes sure to work WITH you and not AGAINST you. The set up here is relaxed, and they even have a kids space for the little ones (which was perfect for my rambunctious 3 year old). Unlike other sales people who overwhelm you and pressure you, Ryan was truly great. He was very PATIENT, especially since my 3 year old was all over the place. Since they didnt have the black Accord I wanted, he had it delivered from a sister store. Everything turned out well, and I would recommend this place.

I hate going into car dealerships

Jul 04, 2014 Ashley Jackson via

I hate going into car dealerships because the people bug.. Ryan iaea made me feel comfortable. I went back in about a month and asked for him to help us. He was awesome!!!!!!! I went in knowing exactly what I wanted and how much I was wanting to pay. Ryan helped me get everything I wanted. He was very friendly and made our time enjoyable... I would definetly recommend him to anyone whose looking for a car.

Bought a 2014 Civic here with Eugene Huang

Jul 03, 2014 Simon T. via

Bought a 2014 Civic here with Eugene Huang as the internet sales associate. After receiving a very competitive price quote online, stopped in the dealership couple days later to finish the whole transaction. From stepping into the dealership to driving off the lot with the new car, it took around 3-4 hours (which is not bad at all). Eugene was very nice and informative about the car and it's special features. Though got the car at a really good price, felt like the purchase price could of been lowered a bit more but was offered limited flexibility, thus knocked one star off (this reflects the finance department more than the sales associate). Also would've been great if we were offered freebies, like a keychain or something.

I had one of the most amazing experiences

Jul 02, 2014 Nicole Delgado via

I had one of the most amazing experiences at Norm Reeves West Covina all due in fact to my amazing sales person in existence and his name is Patrick. I have never met someone so enthusiastic about what they do as Patrick is. He was extremely welcoming and after hearing about my horrible experience with a persistent sales person over at Diamond Honda in City of Industry he totally turned my outlook of buying a brand new car around. Patrick was able to get me the deal I was expecting for my new 2014 Civic and his attitude towards the sale was so genuine. I would refer any client whether friend, family member of other to him. If you want top of the line customer service Patrick is the man to see.

Patrick Lucas and the other staff that helped

Jun 27, 2014 A Petrona via

Patrick Lucas and the other staff that helped me got my 2015 Fit were superb in service. I highly recommend to look for Patrick to those auto buyers out there!

Norm Reeves Honda in West Covina had some very good specials

Jun 27, 2014 John Medure via

Norm Reeves Honda in West Covina had some very good specials. Unlike many other dealerships, it was not just a tactic to lure you in. This dealership didn't play those usual games and it was a very nice and welcome change. The staff there was friendly, professional, and the environment was neat and clean. Our sales rep. was Eugene Huang. He made the process very easy and had the vehicle ready when we arrived with all the paperwork waiting. He even helped prep the car to help us move through everything as fast as possible since we have a little 1 year old with us. He was amazing! I would highly recommend him for anyone searching for a new Honda. The only area of improvement I could suggest was the wait time to sign paper work. The wait was one and a half to a couple of hours, but the process itself took maybe only 10 minutes. Possibly it was just extra busy that night. But the finance manager Yury was great to work with as well. Overall the wait time is the only reason I'd give 4.5 stars out of 5. Otherwise everything else was a solid 5 without question. Next time you need a Honda...check out Norm Reeves in West Covina!

I rarely write reviews for anything

Jun 27, 2014 Mark Yu via

I rarely write reviews for anything but when I do, it's usually to acknowledge a commendable service. Patrick who worked at sales was extremely friendly and his easygoing attitude made the wait to process my car lease much more bearable and enjoyable. I highly recommend this specific Honda branch if you are thinking about purchasing and/or leasing cars.

We were looking for a new Honda Accord

Jun 27, 2014 Rhonda Roberts via

We were looking for a new Honda Accord. Patrick Lucas helped us find just what we wanted. He walked us through the financing process and celebrated with us when we were finally ready to drive off the lot in our brand new Honda Accord. Thank you Patrick for your friendly, helpful service. You made our buying experience go so smoothly!

I personally always check reviews before

Jun 26, 2014 Ricien O. via

I personally always check reviews before i take my first step on doing something. I checked the honda crv versus rav4 reviews first before purchasing my very first new car. When i've finally made a decision, my husband called the honda superstore @ west covina. Our call was answered by Eugene, very polite and professional sales associate. We made our intention clear about buying a honda crv. He was courteous enough to prepare our vehicle of choice even before we arrived @ Honda. We only had to wait a few minutes to meet with Eugene Huang. Me and my husband liked his professionalism and knowledge about the car. Everything as in EVERYTHING about Honda Crv, he is well informed. From the crash test rating to the vehicle color that doesn't require frequent visit to car wash because it still looks clean even with dust, to technologies in that car that'll save you a lot of money but not compromise the convenience in traveling to a lot of places. He did GREAT JOB! We were very pleased with the outcome after all those computations ;-). We had a GREAT DEAL! Thanks to Eugene H. and Ted E. Love the treatment of exterior and interior and the crystal fusion. I guess our visit was perfect, we never had any negativities whatsoever! Great job guys!

We purchased a CRV through the Costco program

Jun 24, 2014 Maxine Smith via

We purchased a CRV through the Costco program. Louis Mesquita went above and beyond the call of duty to find the CRV with AWD that we wanted. After we bought the car, Louis explained the interior systems at length and helped set them up. Our experience was very positive.

Ramin Rezainejad made my whole experince better

Jun 23, 2014 Anthony Sanchez via

Ramin Rezainejad made my whole experince better than i ever imagined. I was looking for a used car in other dealers and was never able to get one because of my credit and first time buyer.Finally after many dealers i went to Norm Reeves and met Ramin. He recomended me the best deal and allowed me to drive out in a new car. Never suspected my my first car to be new. He made every easy for me and it seemed that he was really there to help. Very respectful and professional the best slaes represenative ive come across to I would recomend him to anyone looking to buy a car.He will work with you and make sure you leave satisfied. Look for ramin if you looking for a car in Norm Reeves, you will not be disapointed. Anthony

I bought my 2015 Honda Fit EX last Friday

Jun 23, 2014 Joseph Hu via

I bought my 2015 Honda Fit EX last Friday. My salesperson was Richard Yim. Richard was extremely helpful and the whole purchasing process was a delight. I highly recommend Richard and Norm Reeves Honda if you are looking to buy a Honda.

Thank you Kevin Rivera!

Jun 20, 2014 Shrikant Kamlapurker via

Thank you Kevin Rivera! My wife and I bought a 2014 Honda Accord EX. We love it! Kevin was so patient with us He explained everything. He helped get the best deal possible. We are so appreciative of all the hard work he did for us.

Finally I had been looking for a car

Jun 20, 2014 Barbara Ramos via

Finally I had been looking for a car for about six months. I finally got tired of looking because of all of the hassle and negotiations and every dealer basically telling me that I was never going to find what I want. I finally went into Norm Reeves Honda in West Covina. I was emailing one of the sales men because I had inquired about a car I saw on the website. I also talked inn the phone with this man and he was very nice and considerate of my situation. When I finally go in to meet the sales man and look at cars I found out he had to go home sick but another person could help me. The other man that helped me was also very nice and got my entire story and was extremely helpful. I didn't have the best income and credit but they helped me out so much to get me in a car that day. I ended up doing a lease. And they let me know that at the end of my lease I could refinance the rest of the loan and then pay to own the car. I loved that they worked their hardest to make me happy and get me what I wanted. I was looking for a used car and left with a new 2014 honda civic. I love this place and would recommend it to everyone.

Bought an Accord from Internet Manager Guy Gordon

Jun 20, 2014 Jack Orlinsky via

Bought an Accord from Internet Manager Guy Gordon, who really knows his Hondas! Great car, great deal! Easy and fast with no flim-flam. Nice store too.

Customer Service Beyond Compare!

Jun 18, 2014 Jennifer H. via

Customer Service Beyond Compare! My husband has already written a review but Patrick is amazing! He did everything possible to get us a great deal on a car. Today we received a handwritten thank you card. Patrick really cares about his clients and goes way above and beyond for people. I was very impressed with his consideration and thoughtfulness. He is the best car dealer we have ever worked with.

I bought my first new car here and had a great experience

Jun 18, 2014 Lindsey G. via

I bought my first new car here and had a great experience - my sales guys were Eugene and Guy - both great. Eugene was extremely knowledgeable about all the specs of the car - and I was only getting the LX model! I actually went to another dealer in the San Fernando Valley and the sales person (female) - did not want to bother with me because she didn't tell me anything about all the great specs of the new car, backup camera, notification on the dash, etc.It seems she didn't think I was actually going to purchase and didn't want to waste her time, well, her loss. In the end, I was very happy with Eugene and Guy. I actually had a follow up question after the purchase and Eugene called me back right away and was extremely helpful.

This review is for Sean in the service department

Jun 16, 2014 Bill W. via

This review is for Sean in the service department. My wife's Civic Hybrid had been having sporadic battery issues and completely stalled while she was driving on a busy road. I knew that Honda had extended the battery warranty due to some known issues, so I took the car in. Sean found that the battery was within specifications and therefore the warranty department denied the repair. Sean then took the situation to a manager and explained that this was a safety issue and could potentially get my wife hurt. After pleading my case, the manager agreed to the warranty repair. I am happy to say there have been no more issues with the car, but if one arises, I'll be back to see Sean. Most of us do not look forward to a trip to the car dealership, but because of Sean and others like him, you have gone a long way to changing my opinion.

Patrick is the best !

Jun 13, 2014 Gyra P. via

Patrick is the best ! He was so helpful and informative when we were getting our car. He explains everything thoroughly and answers all your questions. Not to mention he makes you feel completely welcomed and comfortable. Even after you've left the dealership, you can call him if you have any more questions and he'll be happy to help you out ! I seriously recommend Patrick ! Awesome guy c:

Thanks to Alphonso at Norm Reeves Honda, I have a ...

Jun 05, 2014 Linda Arroz via

Thanks to Alphonso at Norm Reeves Honda, I have a beautiful Honda Element (Made in the USA). 5 Star speedy service in all departments, you took great care of me and made it so easy to get the car I wanted.

I've always dreaded the car buying experience

Jun 05, 2014 Bella P. via

I've always dreaded the car buying experience. When I was younger I had such a bad experience at a dealership that I never wanted to come back. Over Memorial Day weekend, my parents wanted to take advantage of the sales and finally get a new car. They had me do all the research on an Accord for them. I was surprised. This car has so many new features that I've never had or even seen before. I mean the backup camera is in a lot if vehicles now but the cameras on the side mirror and other safety features looked pretty cool. So I headed in with my parents. Pulling up to the dealership I was ready for the salesmen to come running up to the car to see who could make a sale first. Instead, we were greeted by a young man, Alfonso. He didn't ask what car we wanted to buy, but introduced himself and let us know he was there to help us with anything we needed. We spoke for about 10 minutes before we even got in the subject of car buying! Now this is something we didn't expect. He immediately made us feel comfortable and as if we made the right decision coming here. Throughout the whole process, Alfonso was nothing but helpful, respectful, and patient (my parents wanted to see a few cars in different colors and with different features). We test drove and sat in the car to learn about all the features I read about (without having to ask about them!). We knew this was the car. We headed inside to talk about payments. We weren't too happy with the price at first but Alfonso talked to us about the safety and reliability it had and how a Honda will keep its value if my parents decide to sell it in the future. Showed us different ways that we could buy the car and we made our decision. Next stop, finance. Ted was awesome!! Took his time to make sure my parents completely understood the financing process and were comfortable with signing the contract. It was pretty quick too considering how busy it was!! Overall, this was the best experience we have ever had buying a car. Never in a million years would I of expected this. THANK YOU again to ALFONSO and TED and the rest of the staff at Norm Reeves Honda. I will be letting everyone know to go here and ask for them!!

Thanks to Alphonso, Micheal and everyone

Jun 04, 2014 India I. via

Thanks to Alphonso, Micheal and everyone in all the departments who took great care of me. Thank you for going the extra mile, it made all the difference in my five star experience. It was painless and we love our beautiful Honda Element (Made in the USA). This is my second Element and third Honda.

I did my research

Jun 02, 2014 alvaradom14 via

I did my research prior to deciding on a 2012 Honda Pilot EX-L. This is my third Honda vehicle purchase and my second Honda Pilot. Once I knew what I wanted, I then had to muster up the courage to deal with the car dealership experience many of us have had: it is intimidating and you feel like nobody is giving you a really fair price. I went to many Honda dealers in Southern Cal and even walked out of a few after their service or attitudes felt more like they were doing me a "favor" by selling me a car. I then read the reviews about Norm Reeves Honda Superstore West Covina. I got on the internet and I was quickly called back by my new favorite internet manager-Anson Lam. During our first conversation, I laid out what I wanted and he listened attentively. He didnt try to push other cars on me to buy and he kept in contact for a whole week as we kept checking the lot inventory (during Memorial Weekend and after). Then the exact vehicle I wanted popped up with just a stock picture. I called Anson and he stated the vehicle was not even on the lot yet but he made arrangements for me to see it and take it for a test drive. He respected that I knew a lot about the Honda Pilot and he didnt try ever being condescending. From then on I had the best and smoothest sales experience I have ever had in my 22 years of car shopping. He sped up the process and got the vehicle certified in no time flat. There were no hidden fees after we negotiated the price of the vehicle, just tax and licensing. He introduced me to the general manager John who thanked me for being his customer (when does that ever happen?!)and even the finance guy, James Ponce, the guy we all fear is tallying up crazy charges was great and didnt mind at all that I asked for each number on the contract to be detailed and explained. You gotta go here if you are looking for good deals and outstanding customer attention and service!!! Thanks again Anson Lam!!!!!

Thank You Anson L. and Norms Reeves Honda West Covina

Jun 01, 2014 cb7ryder via

I've been in the market for a Honda starting at the beginning of this year. After doing a lot of research on their vehicles I was leaning towards the 2014 Accord. I started off looking at Norm Reeves Honda West Covina. I scheduled an appointment and told them I was not going to buy one yet, but want...

Anson Liam is a particularly good salesman.

May 23, 2014 Peter via

I hate pushing salesmen, but Anson is not one of them. Both my wife and I agree that Anson's approach is particularly good.