This place is fabulous. It is ...

May 18, 2015 Liz R. via

This place is fabulous. It is clean, staff are courteous, patient. They do a great job maintaining my car ad when it is all ready for me, it is clean inside and out. We go out of our way to get our car serviced here and it is worth every mile.

Big thank you to Anson for all ...

May 17, 2015 Corinna R. via

Big thank you to Anson for all of his help and great customer service. He helped me get into the car I wanted at a price I was able to afford. I appreciated that he was honest and didn't try to oversell. Thanks Norm Reeves West Covina!

I've been a NR Honda West Covina ...

May 17, 2015 Justine L. via

I've been a NR Honda West Covina customer since I bought my first Honda in 2005. I've since purchased my second Accord. The service keeps bringing me back. Most recently I've been working with Erick Velasco in the service dept with keeping both cars maintained. He has proven to be honest, trustworthy and let's me know what needs to be done now (for my safety) and what could possibly wait til the next service. I've never felt like I've been taken advantage of there, which is the best feeling. Over the years, I've gone to other mechanics/service centers due to convenience, but I can always tell the difference. I've moved to Rancho Cucamonga recently and I STILL only take my cars to NR West Covina. Erick treats me like family, as I'm sure he does to all of his customers. For that I am so appreciative of.

We have had our cars serviced at ...

May 16, 2015 jim d. via

We have had our cars serviced at Norm Reeves Honda West Covina for the past thirteen years. Today we had the pleasure of Justin Lingao assisting us when we brought our 2011 CRV in for scheduled maintenance and he was by far and away the most thorough and polite service advisor we have worked with. Justin took the time to explain in detail what work they would be doing and what was included in the service, this was a first at Norm Reeves Honda. We recommend anyone having their Honda serviced by Norm Reeves Honda West Covina to request Justin.

I recently brought my car in for ...

May 15, 2015 Diane C. via

I recently brought my car in for service & I had a great experience! Erick from service was so help & provided me great customer service. I had scheduled an appointment to get an oil change. As soon as I got there I was greeted and helped out right away. I will definitely be coming back to do my future services here.

I don't usually write reviews but ...

May 11, 2015 Michelle N. via

This dealership has the best customer service I've ever experienced. I just bought my second Honda in less than 1 year. Now my whole family drives Hondas. Anson Lam is my go to guy. He should be yours too. No games no hassle. Good deals and good service. Enough said.

This dealership has the best customer ...

May 08, 2015 Marilynn A. via

This dealership has the best customer service I've ever experienced. I just bought my second Honda in less than 1 year. Now my whole family drives Hondas. Anson Lam is my go to guy. He should be yours too. No games no hassle. Good deals and good service. Enough said.

"Helpful Honda" is an understatement ...

May 02, 2015 Loreinne H. via

"Helpful Honda" is an understatement. These guys did EVERYTHING they could to make sure my financing went through. I am student who is slowly working on my credit. After about nine months of working very hard to rebuild my credit score, I had the misfortune of having my 2003 Honda Accord act out. Not only did it act out but it seemed the entire transmission had to be replaced. On a 300,000 mile car I had to really think through whether or not I wanted to fix it.As a student who works as well, I couldn't be without a car for long. I filled out the financing application for financing online and within minutes Guy Gordon emailed me with an estimate for the vehicle that I wanted. From the beginning Guy was helpful and went above and beyond to help me get into a car. I would have never thought that I could have ended up in a brand new car. But here I am driving a 2015 Honda Civic. Even when there were problems with financing, the entire team worked together to get the bank to approve my loan. They negotiated with the price, worked with me on my down payment and were so patient with me at a time when I was frustrated. No matter how worried I was about the deal going through, they assured me that they would do everything they could for this to happen.They most certainly did!! A special thanks to Guy Gordon, the Internet Sales Manager and Eugene in financing. I would also like to point out that they have an excellent financing manager. I appreciate everyone working with a stressed out college student who really needed this break to move forward in life. This will be my dealership for any other car purchases in the future. I knew I was a Honda girl but now I am positive that I'm a Honda girl for life.

I just recently traded in my car ...

Apr 28, 2015 Marysol M. via

I am over the moon with my new CR-V! Came in Sunday because I got an email about upgrading my lease. I had a 2012 Honda Civic, but I wanted more room. Armando Garcia was so helpful! He's bilingual and was so patient with my dad (he's a scary guy :/) Armando really knows what he's talking about. Great customer service. I ended up upgrading my lease to a CR-V and my brother leased an Accord.

I just recently traded in my car ...

Apr 26, 2015 Deserie M. via

I just recently traded in my car for a new 2015 Honda Civic and I LOVE it!!! Special thanks to my salesman, Tino Lozano for making it possible. As for my first car purchase at a different dealer was horrible, this one was perfect. He was very patient when I couldn't decide between the civic coupe or the sedan. He was very specific on the differences of the cars which made it easier for me. The purchase went by so smooth. Again, he was patient yet everything went by quick and I didn't have to spend hours waiting. I felt like he really knew what he was doing and I could trust him with my purchase keeping in mind that buying a car is a lot of work. As i was waiting for my car to be ready I had others walk by and ask if everything was good and of course it was. Finally he calls me out to my car and hands me the keys. I finally would and will definitely refer friends and relatives here and with Tino. I loved the experience and I love my civic. I couldn't be happier. So, thank you Tino & thank you Honda for my new car !

Better deal than true car

Apr 25, 2015 GiovanniC via

Got a better deal going directly to Norm Reeves than going through truecar. Alberto Sierra was the person who help me find the car I was looking for. He was very helpful, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Spoke with him over the phone before going to the dealership. Everything he told me about the fees...

Well Done!

Apr 20, 2015 Atrieh via

My family and I had a great experience with Patrick Lucas, Fleet Manager. He went out of his way to take care of us and gave us the best deal for the money. He fought for us to get the price we wanted and became our voice to insure we are well taken care off. Patrick walked us through the process a...

Norm Reeves Honda Superstore's ...

Apr 20, 2015 Jill V. via

Norm Reeves Honda Superstore's advertisement on the radio is what brought me in. I was actually on my way to the Honda Dealership in El Monte, with whom I made a deal the night before and walked away, but then I had a change of heart and decided the next day to comeback with numbers. Just saying, as a young adult female, I strongly believe the Lord redirected me to Norms as supposed to going to El Monte. According to the advertisement on the radio, Norm's West Covina is known to be the best Honda Dealership in the state. Anyhow, I got off the 10 freeway and explained to them that I had gotten a specific deal at El Monte. ZACK AFRA assured me that he could give me a better deal. There it was! Just 5 days away from turning 24, Zack helped me purchase my very first vehicle. Although he tried to convince me to get a lease, which I am still not fond of, he met my needs immediately and helped me make a purchase for a black 2013 pre-owned certified honda civic for a very reasonable price. I was thrilled! My monthly payments were low, I financed for 72 months and the miles on the car were low!!! Furthermore, what I found even better was that the car facts were clean and the car was well maintained!!!!! I left the dealership feeling extremely happy, comfortable, and accomplished because everything was affordable and met MY BUDGET! SOO! When you go to Norms, make sure to get help from Zack Afra! He is smart, aggressive, practical, and makes every effort to help! Apparently, he has been with the company for a long time. There must be reason why they have kept him! He is very genuine and has an awesome Lebonese accent! Don't mistake him for being Egyptian ya'll. ;) In addition, Ted Esquer from the Finance Department was very personable, friendly, and extremely patient. He answered all my questions and even called his manager to get confirmation for some answers he had given me. He is honest, educates well, and genuinely advocates the best for clients. SO go to Norm Reeves Honda! Don't be afraid to explore, ask questions, express your concerns, and make a purchase!

I had a great experience at Norm ...

Apr 18, 2015 John H. via

I had a great experience at Norm Reeves Honda in west covina. The sales person ,who helped me find the right auto, was upfront and honest. He worked with me in negotiating the best price possible and gave great advice along every step of the way... Thanks Armando Garcia...

I don't really do much of a review ...

Apr 17, 2015 Joseph D. via

I don't really do much of a review specially if the place already have a nice rating and reviews but in this case I'm going to write one.Most thanks to Anson who patiently explained everything to me thoroughly because its my 1st time to buy a car from a dealer, told him that I'm planning to use the car for uber, so what he did was he sorted all the pre owned they have into 2, honda covic hybrid and toyota camry. We went for a drive and man, I fell in love with the camry its a full option 2012 XLE, plus the gas mileage is awesome drove 250 and there is still more than a quarter left on the gas, I'm just saying this because he really went thru the details which car is gonna be best for your purpose of buying. Everything went smooth and fastOne more guy is John from the finance, he explained to me everything perfectly, he explained all the add-ons and sorted all of it to what I need. The processing was fast and smooth too.All I can say is that I had an awesome 1st time experience with this 2, if you get a chance look for them and I'm sure they will look after your purpose of buying thoroughly, like how they did to me.

Armando Garcia, sales person at ...

Apr 17, 2015 Sergio R. via

Armando Garcia, sales person at Honda in West Covina SUperstore helped me with my new 2015 Honda Pilot. I was recommeded by a family friend and drove over 300 miles from Calexico, Ca to see him. Great guy and awesome customer service. He made my sale effortless! Highly recommeded and will recommed all family and friends... sorry Honda of Chula Vista.


Apr 16, 2015 rottweilerpi via

Richard Yim is an excellent sales representative. Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, friendly, patient and extremely helpful.

I did a lot of homework: read reviews ...

Apr 16, 2015 James M. via

I did a lot of homework: read reviews, talked to 3 dealers, test drove 5 cars, even started negotiating prices. But in the end, I just went to Costco's site and filled out a form, which got me the lowest price I had seen (gasp!) and a couple of follow-up emails from this dealer. I went there, met a very nice internet salesman named (believe this) Guy Gordon, and bought my car in a couple of hours. Without doubt, this was the easiest, most pleasant experience I've ever had buying a car--and I got it at an incredible price.

I recently purchased a 2015 Civic ...

Apr 15, 2015 Rochelle H. via

I recently purchased a 2015 Civic here after having a terrible experience at Galpin Honda in Van Nuys. Anson had assisted me with my purchase at Norm Reeves and I now refer everyone I know to him. The following are the categories that I found important to my car purchasing experience:Price and Negotiations:I came in already knowing which model and line I wanted, and Anson listened to me and did not try to upsell me. He offered me a fantastic price and even alerted me to a manufacturer promotion that was going on at the time. Because Anson's initial offer was so great, our negotiation was kept to a minimum.My experience at Galpin, on the other hand, was awful. The salesman at Galpin refused to lower his offer by a measly $200 and kept pressuring me to purchase other vehicles that I had no interest in. Galpin did not listen to me or understand my needs. They just wanted to get cars off of their lots.Customer Service:Prior to coming in to the store, I spoke with Anson to explain the make, model and color that I wanted. He said that he didn't have that particular vehicle on the lot, but that he would pick it up from another lot. He kept me updated and within a day or two, he had my car ready for me to pick up. I mostly worked with Anson at this store, and I thought he was polite, professional and sincere. Customer service was excellent.Store decor and other fluff:I came in looking to buy a car, and I don't think that the way a dealership is decorated really affects my car buying experience but I understand that this is important to some people. Compared to Galpin, I think Norm Reeves had less fluff. For example, they didn't have a mini cafe on the lot or a clown making balloons for kids. I know some people take this into consideration when determining which dealership to purchase from...but really, who cares?? You can buy yourself a croissant and balloon after you get your car. The interior of Norm Reeves is clean and has all the basic amenities needed while negotiating and shopping for a new car, like bottled water, bathrooms, and a TV. Overall, I had a fantastic experience from Norm Reeves and I now recommend everyone who is interested in a Honda to call Anson. This was the easiest and most satisfying car purchase I have ever made. 5-Stars well deserved!

First visit here, really impressed ...

Apr 02, 2015 Riley R. via

First visit here, really impressed with the service department. Made the appointment online. So easy. Showed up for the appointment, I was out of there before I finished my coffee and donut. Mike was the service advisor, friendly and professional.

First visit here, really impressed ...

Apr 02, 2015 Riley R. via

First visit here, really impressed with the service department. Made the appointment online. So easy. Showed up for the appointment, I was out of there before I finished my coffee and donut. Mike was the service advisor, friendly and professional.

Best Dealership hands down

Apr 01, 2015 Jam4ever via

I had the BEST experience Norm Reeves West Covina. I took my dad and step mother with me since this was my first time buying a car. Upon arrival we were greeted by so many friendly faces. Patrick made us feel so comfortable and was so friendly, he started our day of great with his contagious smile. Aneesha Ross did everything she can to work with me and what I wanted. She was amazing, didn't give me any BS promises, she got right down to it. She is literally my Fairy Car-Mother haha. Ted was so funny and made us feel like we had known him forever. He was such a joy to talk with while in his office. I couldn't have asked for any other Honda Team, the 3 of them were amazing and I am so glad Norm Reeves Honda was my first and only stop. I went in with low hopes of getting a new car, and having to settle with a used vehicle but I walked out with my dream car 2015 Honda Civic. Thank you Aneesha, Ted and Patrick! I recommend Norm Reeves WC to everyone I know looking into purchasing a new vehicle. Go see Aneesha!!

We been looking for an used Nissan ...

Mar 27, 2015 Panda E. via

We been looking for an used Nissan Leaf for the past month. GF was approved with an online lender but the interest rate (26%) was higher than most sub-prime CCs. Yes she has an identity theft issue and this was also her first auto loan. Anyways we went to CarMax and they were able to lower the interest to 20% but their cars were much more expensive. So I searched AutoTrader and inquired about this dealership's Leaf. The price on AutoTrader was actually $1k more than their last weekend's CarFax sale. I sent an online inquiry and within 30 mins, David (used car manager) called and introduced himself. He asked my GF to fill out the online credit application and mentioned that Patrick would follow up. Within 1 hour, Patrick called and gave a pre-approval of 16.98%. Again I know this is a very high interest rate for her, but it is much better than the original 26%. Patrick even honored last weekend's sale price without me asking.Bottom line.......I have purchased a lot of cars including many new Porsches, BMWs, Mercedes, and Ferraris. I have never been treated better than Patrick. Most of the high-line dealership requires a "relationship" before anyone will bend backwards for you. Patrick did everything with a smile. Patrick help my GF save a lot of money. He even arranged meeting at our hometown of Laguna Beach to take delivery of Leaf. This car barely cost over $10k. Talk about outstanding customer service!Ask for Patrick Lucas while you can before he moves into upper management and cannot sell anymore!

Thank you Patrick for the awesome ...

Mar 25, 2015 Christie S. via

Thank you Patrick for the awesome customer service!I look forward to referring you to friends and family! Everything was perfect from the moment I walked in till the moment I drove off the lot in my new car.

Susanna Yim, the Internet Sales ...

Mar 25, 2015 I N. via

Susanna Yim, the Internet Sales Manager, is the person you want to buy a car from. I knew what I wanted, let her know, and I was in and out in one hour! It was the best car buying experience EVER! Go on a Sunday, when the crowds are non-existent. I am loving my new car. Thanks again Susanna !

This IS the car dealership to go ...

Mar 25, 2015 Ver O. via

This IS the car dealership to go to if you are interested in a Honda. I had a great experience when I came in to "look" at the cars and get a feel for what they had in stock. Luckily I went in at the right time on the last day of a deal they were having. I ended up buying my first car and if it wasn't for Armando I don't think I would be driving my 2015 Honda Civic today (: He was a great salesman!Thanks Armando!!!

I am a person who was shopping ...

Mar 24, 2015 Chris P. via

I am a person who was shopping around to purchase a new car. I have never purchased a car, nor know what to expect prior to purchasing a car. I came to Honda Norms and had the pleasure to meet Patrick Lucas. He explained all my options on purchasing a car, and showed me the features the car offers and how to use it. He went above and beyond to make sure that I was taken care of in purchasing a new car for the first time. I highly recommend to set up an appointment with Patrick if you are a new car buyer, or planning to buy another car, since he is a dealer who is very educational in explaining your options and is very straight forward with his honesty.PS: I am proud owner of a Honda Civic EX-L

Well I experienced good service ...

Mar 22, 2015 Jimmy E. via

Well I experienced good service , I had purchases a car at the Cerritos norm reeves , so I tried out this location in west covina . Forst off the bat our sales guy Armando was great , courteous and took care of my wife and I. Ended up getting her a Pilot. Service people were great Hugo is the best. Even the finance guy Jon was very professional and helpful and courteous. Great service overall.

Just bought car from Honda West ...

Mar 12, 2015 Mavic A. via

Just bought car from Honda West Covina. Richard Yim is so nice and accommodating. Thank you, Richard.

I just got home from purchasing ...

Mar 12, 2015 Nicole D. via

I just got home from purchasing a 2014 Honda Civic and was aided in this purchase by one of the most amazing, enthusatic, and bubbly sales associate at the Norm Reeves Honda Superstore West Covina location. Patrick Lucas is phenomenal !!!! I had spent the first half of my afternoon over at Diamond Honda in City of Industry and it was so horrible. The sales associate there was persistent in trying to convince me to get into a contract that I kept refusing and I just had to get out of that place. Then I arrived at Norm Reeves and was greeted by Patrick at first i was hesitant due to my previous encounter but Patrick was willing to work with me. I was able to get a deal that I was comfortable with; quick and easy. Patrick was willing to listen to my concerns and all my comments. This is one of the first times I've dealt with such an amazing sales person; Patrick is concerned with the customers needs and provides all the options one needs to buying a car. Thank you once again and im sure to recommend Patrick to others wanting to purchase a new vehicle.

Just picked up a brand new Honda

Mar 08, 2015 Allan L. via

Just picked up a brand new Honda Accord 2015 and, I gotta say, it was the most painless car purchased I've ever made. Anson, the salesman, was on point. He found me the perfect car, and all the features I wanted. Even worked me with me on my trade in to get a decent deal. The process was short and sweet and I can't recommend Norm Reeves Honda West Covina enough. Ask for Anson and you won't be disappointed.

I was looking for a used car for

Mar 03, 2015 David S. via

I was looking for a used car for over a month now and was searching other car dealers with my best friend until we try Norm Reeves Honda of west Covnia where I met a sales men name Ricardo Villamar he is very nice and help me find the right car for me he showed me a couple of cars and i test drove a few until i found the right car it was a 2013 Hyundai Accent gls with only Twenty thousand miles on the car I was surprised and thinking it was grate but thinking it was not going to be a deal but Ricardo and my friend help me out to get the car and figure out everything i needed to have and even after that when i went home and wanted to check everything on the car i was So happy until i got home and the hood latch did not open and then i though here comes trouble but i called Ricardo and he said to bring it back and it was a very fast fixed with the service center and I am very happy Thank you so much Best car dealer of southern California if your looking for a used car or a new car Come here before you try anywhere else 5 Stars Everything Also Would like to thank Eugene Huang Very helpful Finance Manager

3 yrs ago i came in to lease a ...

Mar 02, 2015 Laila A. via

3 yrs ago i came in to lease a Honda Civic and yesterday i came back to trade in and purchase a new Honda Civic, Both times i dealt with Armando Garcia and i will keep coming back to this man! He's great, he's patient and will tell you the truth about your options. At the end of the day, he's a salesman but i cant say i trust any other car salesman the way i trust him! Truly a great experience and i love my new Honda!!!! Ill for sure be back!! Thank you everyone at Norm Reeves, West Covina!

I just bought my first Honda from ...

Mar 02, 2015 Joe F. via

I just bought my first Honda from this superstore and I couldn't be happier. I must thank Patrick Lucas for all the help! He was very polite, friendly and most important he did everything in his power to get me what I wanted. I highly recommend talking to him if your are interested in buying a Honda. Thank you so much Patrick! I love my Honda!

A Great Experience in Car Purchasing

Mar 01, 2015 Bruce L. via

A Great Experience in Car PurchasingWe recently enjoyed a very positive experience in purchasing our newest Civic EX-L from Guy Gordon at Norm Reeves Honda West Covina. Guy was helpful, effective and understanding of our needs and wants. He was able in a short time to find among the many Honda dealers in California the exact vehicle that fit our desired color and package of features. He was most thorough in running the numbers of the cost and made us a deal we could not ignore. The process from initial contact and delivery was just under two days! We were quite impressed with his careful explanation of all the functions and details of our new car when we went to take it home. His friendly approach to the new car purchase process made it easy to experience. Guy is truly representative of the word "Service" in working with car dealerships.

My husband and I are so happy to...

Feb 28, 2015 Margie R. via

My husband and I are so happy to celebrate our 20th purchase. And every purchase has been overseen and facilitated by Oliver Guillin. We have often looked at other and models of cars that we could purchase. But we have been so happy with the many models offered by Honda! My husband and I want to highly recommend working with Oliver! He handles every detail with excellence! All three of our boys have purchased cars from Oliver and the process has always been very smooth and professional. Thank you Oliver and we look forward to our 21st purchase!

Just purchased my honda civic yesterday ...

Feb 23, 2015 Brenda R. via

Just purchased my honda civic yesterday, sunday 2/22/15. I luv it. Thanx to Armando Garcia, he made me feel like family. He welcomed me since i got there. He explained everything very carefully, he understood my situation as a single mom. He made it happen. Im so excited on my new purchase. Thanx so much. I will truly recommend people to him. Thanks again for your help Armando Garcia..

we went to Norm Reeves Honda on ...

Feb 17, 2015 Lulu B. via

we went to Norm Reeves Honda on Feb 15, 2015, we bought a car, good value, salesperson Armando Garcia is great customer service,he make us like his family, manager James Ponce is very warm leader as well. i like Norm Reeves dealership team. It's a great place to buy car. trusty, warm, highly recommend my family & friends.

By far my best car shopping experience ...

Feb 13, 2015 Shaun W. via

By far my best car shopping experience ever! Sales consultant Alberto Sierra greeted me when I entered the dealership and showed me around. He was friendly and helpful and didn't make me feel pressured at all. I had done my research online ahead of time but still had some questions. He was super knowledgeable and answered all of my questions regarding the various trims for the CRV. During my test drive he shared additional information regarding the safety features, fuel economy, and comfort package that made me feel confident in coming to Honda for my next vehicle. I wanted a particular trim that was in limited production and would be difficult to locate. Alberto introduced me to his General Sales Manager Gen Balouev who offered to help locate the trim if possible. Gen searched all of the dealerships in California and even made personal phone calls to peers at other locations to find the vehicle I wanted. We found the one vehicle in California that was available and he arranged to have it sent to the West Covina location the same day. I definitely appreciated his patience as he hunted through multiple dealerships looking for my car and his sense of urgency in having it delivered for me. I know he had meetings and other issues to attend to as the General Sales Manager but, I never felt like I was an inconvenience. I had his undivided attention the whole time. Gen also shared with me the amount the Used Car Manager Brandon had appraised my trade-in for and it was more than generous. While the vehicle was in transit the team introduced me to Finance Manager Darrell Clay to get the paperwork started. Darrell was quick and efficient and explained all of the multiple signatures and initials that were required. I always feel nervous when signing paperwork like that or for a mortgage but, Darrell answered all of my questions as they came and did not move on until I felt confident I understood what I was signing. Awesome service! He was able to get me a great finance rate, warranty coverage, and alarm package. He also shared a suggestion with me on how I could recover some cash from the equity I had in my vehicle and it would minimally impact my finance terms and monthly payment. I was grateful to have money back in my pocket! All in all, I had a great experience at the West Covina Norm Reeves Honda Superstore. Each person I interacted with was professional, friendly, efficient, and I sincerely feel had my best interests in mind. I highly recommend buying your next car from this dealership. You will be happy you did! TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read)Gen (General Sales Manager), Alberto (Sales Consultant), Darrell (Finance Manager), and Brandon (Used Car Manager) were all awesome. Friendly, professional, and efficient. Best car buying experience I have ever had.

Where to begin??? so much excitement ...

Feb 12, 2015 Bea S. via

Where to begin??? so much excitement but here we go!!!!Before landing here i had been looking for the right car at the right price but it was simply nowhere to be found. Everyone wants to sell, but they couldn't work with me. I was so frustrated, about to give up really, especially because I was looking at a "complicated" trade process, when Tino Lozano came in the picture. He introduced me to my options, and I came to learn that I could get a brand new car, something which wasn't even in my wildest dreams. He never made me feel pressured which was surprising, however well appreciated. I got the car I wanted, not the car they wanted to sell me! Every step of my purchase was so smooth; I'd absolutely refer my friends to him. Tino proved himself to be very professional at every stage of the process, and i am so satisfied I was able to do business with him and the amazing team at Norm Reeves of WC. We even closed the deal on his day off, that's how much work he put into my car buying experience. Ah! lets not forget Eugene, the finance guy! the crucial part (my biggest fear) turned out to be quite pleasant. He was so fun to work with. I was honestly impressed and relieved. He made sure every need was met in regards to the payments. I couldn't ask for more.At the End of the day I drove off with the civic I didn't know yet i was to love. It totally fits my lifestyle!!!!! Again I am extremely thankful to Norm Reeves of WC for making me VERY VERY happy.

After driving my car around to ...

Feb 10, 2015 Melody N. via

After driving my car around to and from work with low oil life (while it slowly decreases from 15-5%) and taking spontaneous beach/mountain trips in between, I finally decided to take in my car for an oil change at Norm Reeves Honda in West Covina. Although there were no available appointments for this location on their website until later on in the week, I decided to take a chance and walk into the dealership anyway in case of any openings. When I arrived I went straight to Hugo Novoa (the guy who helped me out with my first oil change) and like before he gave great customer service. My car was in the driveway ready for service in minutes! Hugo was polite and very helpful and answered all of my questions and concerns about my car. Since I bought my car in June as a grad present, my experience with the staff at Honda and Honda in general has been amazing! They are more than wiling to work with me along with my family (whom also drive Honda cars) and go above and beyond for their customers. I am very pleased with the performance of my car and the service I receive at Norm Reeves which is all one could ask for. Thanks again Honda and Hugo for continuing the great service!

My husband and I went to Norm Reeves

Feb 01, 2015 Kristin K. via

My husband and I went to Norm Reeves about 3 weeks ago to buy a used CRV. We had first talked with Aneesha Ross over the phone who was very pleasant and extremely helpful. When we arrived at the dealership Aneesha spent time with us, didn't make us feel rushed and answered all of our questions. We then worked with Ted Esquer and we, again, couldn't have asked for a better person to be helping us. Everyone at Norm Reeves was extremely polite and kind. With experiences at other dealerships being less than adequate, we were thrilled to find Norm Reeves and it's employees that take time with you, aren't pushy and are overall extremely nice to do business with. We do not live near West Covina, about 45-1 hour away, but it was well worth the drive for the support and attention we received. We were very impressed and pleased with our visit to Norm Reeves and are so happy with our new car! We will definitely be coming back for our next, hopefully soon!! :)

I had an amazing experience dealing with the staff

Feb 01, 2015 Carlos G. via

I had an amazing experience dealing with the staff at Norm Reeves Honda, they took care of our every need. Armando G. was incredibly helpful in every aspect of the process. He explained every bit of detail that pertained to the our vehicle and our lease. He gave us an amazing deal on our new Honda CR-V and we could not be happier!!Thank you Armando!!

See Sergii

Jan 30, 2015 AlexBerlin via

Sergii was extremely helpful and took the time to fully explain every benefit to me. He also went out of his way to make sure that I could find a car within my budget and considered all other aspects of my life. Being a recent college grad and relocating states, he really took into consideration all factors and helped me make an affordable choice! Good team, and GREAT service. Very happy.

I had the best service here!

Jan 30, 2015 Annie W. via

I had the best service here! Thanks Honda in West Covina! The staff and service are so attentive and friendly. I really feel welcome, whenever I come to get my services. I really recommend this location, they do not give you any hassle at all.

I came into Norm Reeves Honda looking

Jan 29, 2015 Craig M. via

I came into Norm Reeves Honda looking to buy a car and was doing business online with the sales manager Tino Lozano. When I arrived there Tino was very helpful and gave me the deal I was looking for. I went all over So Cal looking for cars. Thankfully Tino contacted me and Helped me get my new Honda Civic. I would definitely recommend people who are looking to buy a Honda talk to Tino he is a Great Sales Rep.

Had a completely positive experience with Richard Yim

Jan 26, 2015 Stacey S. via

Had a completely positive experience with Richard Yim in the internet department at Norm Reeves-West Covina! He will do all he can to make the deal you need. We did the majority of the negotiating via email and then spent a lot less time in the dealership to complete the deal. Also, Ted Sequera in Finance saved me some more money on my loan by beating my credit union rate. Go see them for your next Honda or used car! Great people and great customer service!

Aaaaaah I have my new HONDA!!

Jan 24, 2015 Claudia V. via

Aaaaaah I have my new HONDA!! I couldn't be happier!!! But it wouldn't have been possible without the amazing help of our awesome salesman Tino Lozano!! He not only kept in constant contact with us throughout the sales process but then when it came down to purchasing the car he was able to have the awesome Norm Reeves Sales Team work with us. Thank you for making this experience well worth it, for making sure we got exactly what we wanted, and you are welcome for the laughs.

We went through the Costco auto service

Jan 22, 2015 Amy F. via

We went through the Costco auto service to help us buy a new minivan. They put us in touch with David Ochoa. He was very informative and when I told him we would come in on Sunday he made arrangements for Guy to help us. Guy calls my husband on Saturday and promises to meet us on Sunday. Sunday comes and Guy is nowhere to be found. The staff leaves us hanging until they find someone that can help us. Patrick Lucas helped us and he redeemed Guy's error in not being present. He sold us a minivan and he made our experience extremely easy. I would definitely go back if Patrick was there to help.

Just had an incredible experience

Jan 22, 2015 Jennifer M. via

Just had an incredible experience purchasing my brand new 2015 Accord Sedan-Sport. Armando Garcia is the sales representative to see and addresses all of your new car needs. Patient, upfront, and knowledgable about the various models I inquired about. The process was quick, easy and painless compared to other dealerships. Everyone was friendly, polite, and I felt as if I were in one of those "helpful Honda" commercials. They really do bend over backwards to make sure their clients/customers are pleased. I highly recommend Armando, also known as uncle Mando to me (no bias included :) and I really enjoyed the car buying experience-the remainder of the staff really do treat you as if you were family. Overall they gave me a great deal on my trade-in and on another positive note, the finance man Ted was great too. More than satisfied with my experience, and spreading the word. Thank you Armando and Ted!

Five stars for Armando Garcia!

Jan 17, 2015 Brenda P. via

Five stars for Armando Garcia! Very happy with my new car, excellent service Armando Garcia was very helpful, informative and patient. I definitely recommended it to all! Thank you Armando.