Best Routes to take from the San Gabriel Valley to Los Angeles

If you aren’t comfortable driving in Southern California, or familiar with the area, it can be pretty intimidating. Let’s face it, the Southland is known for some serious traffic issues. It’s even more stressful if you need to drive into Los Angeles from the San Gabriel Valley. Not to worry though, we’ve compiled a few of the best routes for you to take from the San Gabriel Valley to LA.

You probably already know that Interstate 10, the Santa Monica Freeway, cuts through the San Gabriel Valley from east to west and then runs into the heart of the City of Los Angeles. This is certainly a viable route into the city, but may not be the best choice depending on:

  1. Where your trip begins in the San Gabriel Valley.
  2. The amount of traffic congestion from the San Gabriel Valley to LA.
  3. The time of day.
  4. The day of the week.

Assuming the driver is headed to Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles from San Dimas in the San Gabriel Valley, here are a few good routes to take from the San Gabriel Valley to LA.
Route No. 1 – City Streets to The Santa Monica Freeway

  • From downtown San Dimas, go south on S. San Dimas Avenue for 2.5 miles. This route will take you over the Orange Freeway and parallel to it before ending at Via Verde.
  • Turn right on Via Verde.
  • Proceed for 1.4 miles on Via Verde/East Via Verde.
  • Turn left onto East Via Verde Street. Continue for 180 feet.
  • Turn right to merge onto I-10W (The Santa Monica Freeway), toward Los Angeles.
  • Continue on I-10W for 21 miles.
  • Stay on the left to continue on CA-10 (0.7 miles) – follow the signs for U.S. 101/I-5N.
  • Exit onto I-5N (toward Sacramento).
  • Continue for 1.1 miles.
  • Take the Broadway/North Broadway Exit.

This route will be better on the weekends, between rush hours, and in the afternoon and evening. This route is most congested from the San Gabriel Valley to LA during morning rush hour and should be avoided during that time.
Route No. 2 – Foothill Freeway, then South into LA

  • From downtown San Dimas, go north on N. San Dimas Avenue. Look for the entrance ramps for Interstate 210, the Foothills Freeway.
  • Merge onto the westbound ramp for I-210, toward Pasadena.
  • Remain on I-210 for 18 miles.
  • Merge onto CA-134 – Interstate 210 breaks away to the north.
  • Continue on CA-134 for 4.5 miles.
  • Merge onto the Glendale Freeway (CA-2S) and continue for only 2.8 miles.
  • Merge onto Interstate 5 (The 5), toward Los Angeles. Continue for less than 1 mile.
  • Follow the signs for Stadium Way.

Although this route is longer, it should be less congested than the Santa Monica Freeway at nearly any time of the day. Like Route No. 1, this route is better on weekends, between rush hours and in the afternoons and evenings. Morning is the peak congestion time on this route from the San Gabriel Valley to LA and should be avoided at this time.

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