Honda Accord Maintenance Schedule

The maintenance schedule for your Honda Accord is an important part of preventive care or maintenance. As many drivers in the Baldwin Park and Glendora area know, preventive maintenance is one of the best methods to ensure that your Honda Accord continues performing at its best throughout its lifetime.

For the most part, taking care of your Honda is just a matter of having a certified technician conduct an inspection and servicing certain parts and fluids on a regular basis.

Honda Accord Maintenance West Covina, CA

The interval between inspections and replacements depends on the part being serviced, the vehicle’s current mileage, and the time from the last service or inspection. For the most part, you should have your Honda Accord inspected about every 5,000 to 7,500 miles and brought in for an oil change.

There are two ways to keep track of your car’s maintenance schedule, depending on the year your Honda Accord was made. More recent Honda models will be equipped with the Maintenance Minder system, while owners of older models will have to revert to the recommended maintenance schedule found in the owner’s manual.

Honda Accord Maintenance Minder

Properly equipped Honda Accord models feature an on-board computer that tracks the vehicle’s oil health and other engine systems. When one or more systems need service, the computer lets the driver know by displaying an indicator light on the car’s display. Using the select/rest knob on the instrument panel, you can switch from the odometer to the Maintenance Minder, which will display the maintenance codes.

Maintenance codes tell your Honda technician what service is needed and are divided into two main codes (A and B) and six subcodes (1 through 6).

Main Codes
A: Replace the engine oil.
B: Replace the engine oil and oil filter, inspect the brakes, and check the parking brake adjustment.

1: Rotate the tires.
2: Replace air cleaner element, check the drive belt, and replace the dust and pollen filter.
3: Replace the transmission fluid and transfer fluid.
4: Replace the spark plugs and timing belt, inspect the water pump, and inspect the valve clearance.
5: Replace the engine coolant.
6: Replace the rear differential fluid.

Honda Accord Maintenance Schedule

For older Honda Accord models without the Maintenance Minder system, you can use the schedule below as a guide for receiving regular maintenance. However, it’s important to keep in mind that different engines, transmissions, and driving conditions require unique maintenance, so for the most accurate schedule, consult your local authorized Honda service center.

Every 5,000 Miles

  • Replace the engine oil and filter.
  • Inspect the brakes.
  • Check parking brake adjustment.

Every 30,000 Miles

  • Replace the air cleaner element.
  • Replace the spark plugs.
  • Inspect and adjust the drive belts.
  • Inspect valve clearance.

Every 45,000 Miles

  • Replace the engine coolant.
  • Replace the brake fluid.

Every 90,000 Miles

  • Replace the transmission fluid.

Every 105,000 Miles

  • Replace the timing belt.
  • Inspect the water pump.
  • Inspect idle speed.

In addition to the maintenance items listed above, your technician should conduct regular visual inspections of the tie rod ends, steering gear box and boots, suspension components, drive shaft boots, brake hoses and lines, all fluid levels, and cooling system hoses and connections.

Stay on Top of Routine Maintenance

Regardless of the model year of your Honda Accord, you’ll want to follow the maintenance schedule and making adjustments as needed based on the conditions your car faces. To help you stay on schedule and perform more thorough checks and services, consider taking your car in for regular inspections (around the 5,000-mile mark) to a certified Honda technician.

If you’re in the Baldwin Park or Pasadena area, you can schedule a service appointment at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in West Covina.

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