Honda CR-V Maintenance Schedule West Covina, CA

Once upon a time, not too long ago, the people of Baldwin Park, Pasadena, and Pomona had to count the miles and track the months of their Honda CR-V maintenance schedule. Now, with the Honda Maintenance Minder System, your Honda CR-V will tell you when it’s time to bring your vehicle for service at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in West Covina.

The Honda Maintenance Minder System monitors vehicle mileage and driving conditions to determine when service is due. A code will then appear on the MID, alerting the driver that it’s time to make an appointment and telling our Honda technicians what particular service is required.

In this article, we’ll explain what the Honda Maintenance Minder codes are and what they mean. Specifically, we’ll be using the Honda CR-V.

Honda CR-V Maintenance Main Items

Before we dive into explaining the Maintenance Minder codes, it would be best to understand how the codes are organized. There are the main service items, which appear as codes A and B, and then there are the service subitems, which are represented by codes 1 through 6. You should also remember that independent of the Maintenance Minder, brake fluid should be replaced every three years.

For maintenance code A, all you need is an oil change. Maintenance B, however, requires you to change to oil and the oil filter in addition to a number of inspections. You should have the brakes inspected, including the brake pads and the parking brake. Your technician should also check the driveshaft boosts and inspect the suspension components. Finally, inspect the exhaust system, the fuel lines, and all fluids.

Honda CR-V Maintenance Subitems

As we had previously mentioned, Honda CR-V maintenance subitems are represented by numbers 1 through 6 and may accompany main service item codes. Code 1 means it’s time to rotate the tires and inspect them for condition and proper wear. A 2 maintenance code means that your Honda technician should replace the air cleaner element and the dust and pollen filter. They’ll also need to check the position of the drive belt auto-tensioner indicator as well as inspect the belt for wear.

A 3 Maintenance Minder code tells you that it’s time to change the transmission fluid. It’s important to use the correct fluid type to prevent damage to the transmission system. Maintenance code 4 means that the spark plugs need to be replaced and the valve clearance should be inspected. Code 5, replace the engine coolant, and code 6, replace the rear differential fluid in all-wheel-drive models.

Schedule Service for Your Honda CR-V

Whether you’re holding onto the tried-and-true Honda CR-V maintenance schedule or your Maintenance Minder System indicates that you’re ready for your next oil change, you can schedule a service appointment at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in West Covina. We proudly serve the communities of Baldwin Park, Pasadena, and Pomona with quality Honda service.

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