Honda Crosstour Maintenance Schedule California

The Honda Crosstour is a very reliable vehicle, and keeping the car running smoothly is not a difficult task. By following the recommended maintenance schedule, any potential problems with the Crosstour can be prevented.

The First Service
The first service of the Honda Crosstour is recommended at 3,750 miles. A general maintenance inspection should be done and the engine oil and filter should be changed. At this time, fluid levels may have decreased and should be topped off. The battery and cables should also be checked. Additionally, all hinges on the vehicle should be lubricated.

7,500 Mile Mark
All of the same steps performed in the first service should be repeated at 7,500 miles. The brakes and tires should also be inspected, and the tires should be rotated. The suspension and driveshaft boots are also due for inspection at this point.

11,250 Miles
Upon reaching 11,250 miles, a repeat of the first service should be done. This service is not as detailed as most of the others, as it involves lubricating hinges, checking fluid levels, and replacing the engine oil and filter.

The 15,000 Mile Mark
At 15,000 miles, the car is due for maintenance. The engine oil, filter, and drain plug washer should be replaced. An inspection should be done on all hoses, belts, and fluid levels. Tires should be rotated and balanced, and the front and rear brakes inspected and serviced. The old air and pollen filters should be replaced. Even the catalytic converter, heat shield, exhaust pipe, and muffler all should be checked.

18,750 Mile Service
When the car has reached 18,750 miles, it is due for another service. Similar to the first servicing, the engine oil, filter, and drain plug washer should be replaced. The fluid levels should all be checked and topped off as needed. The tire pressure, lights, horn, and wipers should also be checked.

Regular Servicing
As time progresses, services should be performed every 3,750 miles. The maintenance procedures should continue to follow the pattern seen above in services at 3,750, 7,500, 11,250, and 15,000 miles. At 60,000 miles, 90,000 miles, and 120,000 miles all of the same maintenance tasks performed at 30,000 miles should be done in addition to draining and refilling the automatic transmission fluid. To keep the vehicle running smoothly after the miles have accumulated, a detailed service should be done at 105,000 miles. This should include everything done at 15,000 miles plus an engine valve clearance and adjustment, an idle speed inspection and adjustment, a cooling system refill, a spark plug replacement, and a timing belt replacement. Following the suggested maintenance schedule will keep the Honda Crosstour running smoothly and running at maximum efficiency.

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