Honda Odyssey Dashboard Light Guide

Driving home in the new Honda Odyssey surely gives you a great feeling. You’re behind the wheel of a brand-new car that’s efficient, powerful, and keeps your family safe. However, do you really know everything about it? Chances are you may not, and the one aspect that can be the most confusing is the meaning of the dashboard lights. Looking at the symbols light up and flash and trying to read them almost seems like you’re reading a novel in a foreign language. But there’s a way understand what they mean, and it’s by reading the information below.

ECON Button

What’s great about the Honda Odyssey is the fact that it’s been designed to help you. This is clearly shown with the ECON button. When activated, it configures the internal systems in a way that allows them to perform efficiently. When the symbol is bright green, then it’s functioning properly.

Blind Spot Monitor

If your Odyssey is equipped with the Blind Spot Monitor to help you see when cars are traveling in your blind spot, you may notice a yellow symbol of two cars by your driver side mirror. This isn’t a problematic warning light, but it does illuminate when you go to switch lanes and there’s a car in your blind spot. But it can also let you know that there’s something wrong with it if it stays on.

Multi-Information System

The intelligent Multi-Information System isn’t necessarily a warning light on your dashboard, but many people may still not know what this is. While you drive, you can use this system to view important information about your vehicle, such as fuel economy. It can also display caller ID and even music information about the songs you listen to.

BRAKE light

If you see the word BRAKE in red on your dashboard, schedule a service and repair at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in West Covina as soon as possible. This means there’s something wrong with your brake system, and forgoing a repair can lead to automotive damage and even an accident.

Maintenance Minder

For those who have trouble keeping up with scheduling the necessary services to keep their car running well, the Honda Odyssey has the solution for you. Located right on your dashboard is the Maintenance Minder light. When lit up, it acts as an indicator that you should call and schedule services.

For new drivers in the Pasadena, Baldwin Park, and Pomona area, deciphering what each symbol on the dashboard means can feel like you’re reading a foreign language. However, with the guide to the Honda Odyssey dashboard lights above, you’ll find yourself fluent in this new language.

The Honda Odyssey is home to more than the lights listed above. So if you’re looking for more information or have any questions, ask the experts at Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in West Covina to learn more.

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