Honda Odyssey Maintenance Schedule

Each Honda Odyssey will have its own specific maintenance schedule based on the specific trim, year, and usage, but there is a general guideline which can be used as a reference for when to inspect or replace specific parts on your Honda Odyssey. Honda has also simplified their maintenance schedule with their maintenance minder program, but there are still some mileage based maintenance recommendations to keep in mind when caring for your Honda Odyssey. Also important to keep in mind is if you drive your Honda Odyssey under what is considered severe conditions, such as driving less than 5 miles per trip in freezing temperatures, extensive stop and go driving, driving in mountainous conditions, or driving on muddy, dusty or de-iced roads, it will change the frequency of these maintenance recommendations.

Recommended for every 6 months or every 5,000 miles:

  • Replace oil
  • Rotate tires

Recommended for once a year or every 10,000 miles:

  • Replace oil filter
  • Inspect both front and rear brakes
  • Check parking brake
  • Inspect tie rod ends, steering gear box, and boots
  • Inspect suspension component
  • Inspect driveshaft boots
  • Check all fluid levels, condition of fluids, and check for leaks
  • Inspect cooling system hoses and connections
  • Inspect exhaust system
  • Inspect fuel lines and conditions

Recommended every 2 years or 30,000 miles:
(in addition to the maintenance of the 5,000 and 10,000 miles)

  • Replace air filters
  • Replace the air cleaner element
  • Replace the spark plugs
  • Inspect and adjust the drive belts
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Service the battery and clean the cables

Recommended every 3 years:

  • Replace brake fluid

By making sure to keep on top of these simple maintenance tasks and having them checked on a regular schedule will help keep your vehicle running the best that it can and will help ensure long-term reliability. The Honda maintenance minder may recommend different time frames based on your driving conditions and it is important to pay attention and heed those as every Honda Odyssey is different based on how it is driven. It is also important to build a relationship with a trustworthy mechanic. Going to a Honda dealership or service center will provide you with the best quality service for your Honda Odyssey.

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