Warning Signs of Battery Failure

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No one wants to be out in Los Angeles, Baldwin Park, Pasadena, or Pomona and find out that their car won’t start. Unfortunately, if this happens, you may not know what’s wrong or the best way to solve the issue. The good news is that one of the most common reasons a car won’t start is a dead battery.

That’s one problem that’s relatively easy to fix, aside from the inconvenience of taking your car to get the battery replaced. If you want to identify the source of the problem once and for all, there are several telltale signs that the issue plaguing your car is a dead or dying battery.

Dim Lights

One of the first things you might notice is that your interior lights or your headlights seem much dimmer than usual. When your car is running, the lights draw power away from your alternator. Before you start your car, though, the lights draw from the battery. Dim lights (or, worse, lights that won’t turn on at all) are solid indicators that your battery has died.

Accessories Won’t Function

If your radio won’t turn on or the chimes that should greet you when you enter the vehicle don’t sound, you might have a dead battery on your hands. Much like the lights, the accessories also draw power from the battery until the engine is running. Radio silence or your car alarm refusing to beep in greeting are both potential indicators that your battery is dead.

Slow Cranking When Trying to Start

You should be familiar with the sound your car makes when you’re trying to start it up if you’ve been driving it for any amount of time. That sound is the gear of the starter engaging the engine and turning it over so the combustion can kick in. This is the main reason your car has a battery.

If your battery has died, there won’t be enough power left in it to crank the starter properly. This problem can usually be best identified by the sound that the car makes when you attempt to start the engine. Your battery could be dead if, when you turn the key, the starter clicks sound laboring and slow.

Not Quite Dead Yet

Something to watch out for when you start your car is if it takes an abnormally long time to come to life. Many times you’ll get the warning signal that your battery is about to die because it will sound like your starter is lagging and coughing. Even though the engine rumbles and you think all is well, you may notice that it took just a little too long to get in gear. This could mean that your battery is about to die. If you have trouble starting your car, take it in immediately for service.

If your battery does die in Los Angeles, Baldwin Park, Pasadena, or Pomona, head over to the Norm Reeves Honda Superstore in West Covina service department. We can set you up right away with an electrical checkup and a new battery!

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